Tips for Decorating an Unforgettable Sweetheart Table

sweetheart table design tips

You want your wedding day you want it to be special. The Monterey Peninsula is a popular venue for an increasingly number of couples every year. With all the guests and the rituals, it is so easy to lose sight of what is truly important. Your wedding is all about the two of you! It is no wonder that sweetheart table design is a top priority for many couples and wedding planners.

A sweetheart table gives the happy couple their own special space at the reception. It gives you a chance to cozy up and share the moment while still enjoying your party. An added perk is that opting for your private table allows you to avoid complicated wedding politics of deciding who gets the place of honor at the bride and groom?s table.

Once you decide to opt for a sweethearts table, the options are endless. You most likely want your table to fit your wedding theme to the general vibe of your reception. However, it is the seat of honor, and you can personalize it and make it a feature.

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Be aware that the sweetheart?s table is often a focal point of professional wedding photography. Beyond that, most of your guests will want to capture a picture of your table on their cameras or phones. With a little creativity, your sweethearts? table makes a perfect decorative and photographic feature for a memorable wedding.

Tips for Unforgettable Sweetheart Table Design

Make Use Of Existing Features

The first decision is where you will place the sweetheart table. Most couples select a visually prominent spot so they can be together but have a?full view of their reception guests. Some prefer a more secluded spot. The choice it yours.

Consider any existing features such as a gazebo, beautiful tree, or stage, or fireplace. Since the table will attract attention, choose plan to incorporate features if you choose. Perhaps you want that lovely tree in the background. Maybe you want to sit under the gazebo?

Choose Your Seating

Since it is a table for two, you are not limited to the same seating as your reception guests. You may opt for a pair of thrones, a cozy loveseat, a settee, or chairs of your choice.

Incorporate Other Reception Features

Some couples arrange their sweetheart?s table in proximity to the cake. They may place the cake in front of their table, so it is a backdrop when they cut the cake. Some social butterflies may prefer proximity to the bar or the dance floor. ?Perhaps you want a little space away from the action.

Romantic lighting

The sweetheart table offers the perfect opportunity to have fun with romantic or flattering light. Some options include candles, soft LED lighting, twinkling fairy lights, or a chic lighted Marquee.

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Include Props To Highlight Your Personality

Since your table is the center of attention,?make it unique! Use decorative props that add texture and express your personality as a couple. Consider things like the tablecloth, adding monogrammed or personalized elements, throw pillows, and anything else you like.

Whether you choose a leather table cover or a faux fur seat cover the options are limited only by your imagination. Picture frames featuring the bride and groom are another popular option.

Jeweled Picture Frames

Finishing Touches

Consider setting up a stylish backdrop to frame your table. Another option is to frame the table with three-dimensional props like large plants, candelabras, wreaths, or pillars.

Don?t forget about hanging elements like garlands, banners, bunting, fairy lights or a chandelier. These can offer an attractive and inexpensive dynamic.

Finally, many couples choose some floral touches such as a place setting, strewn rose petals, or plants. Be sure to avoid floral arrangements that obstruct your view of your guests (unless that is your goal).

Special Place Settings

Feel free to enjoy a different place setting, stemware, or utensils than your reception guests. Many couples enjoy a little sumptuous luxury. Perhaps you want glamorous Swarovski crystal-encrusted stemware by Edgar Berebi to use during your toast. That moment is immortalized in photographs so why not live your fantasy?

Feel free to pick and choose the ideas that suit your style and your taste. Sweetheart table designs can be sleek and minimalist or opulent. There is no right or wrong as long as it makes your wedding more special.