7602-9 Liberty Box Museum Gold Swarovski Crystals by Edgar Berebi


7602-9  LIBERTY BOX  is a Small Collectible Rectangular Box with apx. dimensions of 3″L x 2-1/8″D x 2-1/4″H.  Decorated with 3-D images. The Lid displays a Bald Eagle with spread wings and a turned head, which is the symbol of USA Sovereignty Power.  The Eagle is holding a ribbon in its’ beak with the inscription of “PLURIBUS  UNUM”.  Latin for “One (Country) Out of Many (The People) “.  Each side displays a different USA Federal Building.  Museum Gold Plate finish, with Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals.

Create a very special ‘Desk Gift Set’ by including the Circular Liberty Paperweight (7645-1 is $189) with identical  images and finish.  Made in the USA by Master Atelier Edgar Berebi.

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