Lessons Learned

INTEGRITY ? the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

COMPETITION ? the activity or condition of competing.

SUCCESS ? the correct or desired result of an attempt

watercolor on rag paper, by Anne Thull 1985, private collection

January is a month we usually take the time to think of what we want to change and accomplish for the year. ? Our continued uncertain world economic situation has made some people lower expectations of themselves as they found it easier to spread rumors in an attempt to ?kill their competition?.? It reminded me of what ?business society? was like in the 60?s and early 70?s.?? I worked for Delta Air Lines in Reservations and in the mid 70?s their VP gave a great sales and marketing meeting to every Delta office nationwide. The topic was, what I? term now as ?Positive Competition?.?? Bottom line is,? focus how you can constantly improve yourself and your work, in all areas, versus wasting? your time focusing on ways to ?kill your competition? because in doing so you become stagnate in the marketplace and jealous of others moving ahead.

The VP said if you notice that your competitor is doing something better than you ? be happy for them and focus on finding out what you missed, and how you can improve that part of your business. When you live life like this, ?jealousy? is a waste of time.? Also, if you hear something negative about a person or business but you personally did not experience or see any sign of such a rumor, don?t be blind. The person spreading the rumor may be encouraging you? not take advantage of something great ? just so you keep using their product or services.

Life is full of lessons. But I think one of the most valuable lessons I have learned is to maintain personal integrity, honor my competition and learn from them. Then solidly focus on ?my path to success?.

After Delta put this new work-philosophy in motion within 8 months every employee received a hefty monthly raise. Then another raise of half that amount? 6 months later. Delta shared profits with their employees.? Delta went on to be the most successful US Airline for many years.

This was an invaluable lesson I learned at 22yrs old working at my first corporate job with a great company.? As life moved on I worked to consistently apply the ?positive competition? attitude in my personal and work life, and it has helped me to maintain my focus on my path; my passion to create art in a variety of ways.

– Anne Thull