Great Ideas for Making Use of a Keepsake Box

In today?s day and age, memories can be captured and stored in dozens of ways. Thanks to the advent of social media and ever-advancing smartphones, the average person has the ability to document each and every moment of the day on several different platforms, regardless of how special or unique that moment is. In terms of increasing the longevity of moments and memories, these advancements have been groundbreaking, although Facebook posts and cell phone videos tend to lack the intimacy and personal connection that physical reminders do.

For those looking to commemorate a special era, event or relationship, a keepsake box is absolutely wonderful. Below you will find a few examples of themes for a keepsake boxes and what kinds of items would be perfect for it.

Baby Keepsake Box

Children grow up in the blink of an eye, often leaving parents scrambling to preserve moments and memories to remind themselves and their kids of those ever-important formidable years. As every moment in a child?s life is special and memorable in its own right to parents, the number of items for the keepsake box can quickly get out of hand, but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Hospital bracelet
  • A locket of hair from their first haircut (with the date)
  • Their favorite toy or stuffed animal
  • Their first pacifier
  • First baby tooth to fallout (you can tell them that the tooth fairly loaned it to you!)
  • First pair of shoes/booties

Wedding Memory Box

Another seminal moment in anyone?s life is their wedding day, making the special day and the events leading up to it perfect for a keepsake box. Between the official wedding photos and all of the other pictures taken during the ceremony, the couple will definitely not be without mementos, but the keepsake box is great for storing more intimate and personal objects:

  • Wedding vows (even better if they are hand-written)
  • Copies of the wedding invitation& save-the-dates
  • A piece of jewelry the bride wore, or cufflinks the groom wore
  • A special photograph of the bride and groom (not apart of the other wedding pictures)
  • A personalized object from the reception (i.e. wine glass with the bride & grooms initials)

Best Friends Keepsake Box

A life-long friendship, one that has endured through all of the highs and lows throughout the years, deserves to be commemorated with something beyond a collection of selfies. Here are some ideas for things to store that can help define that special relationship:

  • Memento from a special trip taken together
  • Item highlighting where they first met and became friends (for example, the school or summer camp)
  • Something related to an inside joke shared between the two
  • A shared favorite album or movie

Digital Additions to the Keepsake Box

Even though a keepsake box is meant for physical affects, there?s no reason to exclude an electronic aspect. Including a USB flash drive with digital copies of pictures, videos, and other records of the events related to the items saved is not only a perfect companion, but helps to de-clutter the box and save room for more special items.

Regardless of what?s being commemorated, a keepsake box is perfect for creating those everlasting memories that can be cherished by friends and family for years to come. Here at Anne Thull Fine Art Designs, we have many different styles of boxes that can help you get your keepsake collection started.