Creative Thinking

Every Product Has A Story…

?True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.?Albert Einstein

?Creativity is just connecting things. They were able to connect experiences they?ve had and synthesize new things.?? – Steve Jobs

Anne-Thull-FIne-Art-Designs-Art-Glass-Candle-SleevesTranslucent-Glass-Cover-SleevesI have found that my own products are frequently the result of an innate interest I had in something since childhood.? Many years later, one of those interests becomes the solution to a problem I?m trying to solve? and months or years later,? it?s often a friend or relative who observes the connection.

My ?Art Glass Candle Sleeves? are one example.

I was focused on finding a beautiful candle sleeve for a custom fixture I was having made in 2002-3. ? I wanted the candle sleeve to accept a 60 watt bulb that could maintain the good source of light from the fixture,? yet I wanted the candle itself to be appear prettier than the cardboard or plastic sleeves that are standard on candelabra light fixtures.? At that time only plastic, paper and beautiful wax candle sleeves were used.? Wax candle sleeves limited you to a 25 watt bulb, or the sleeve would melt. So I finally found someone to make my prototype art glass candle sleeve for me.? I tested them,? then patented them. ? About five years later, my 20 year old niece was visiting and saw the candle sleeves and remarked, “Aunt Anne, those candles look exactly like the ?single big candle? you use to draw on birthday cards you made for? us each year!” No one was more surprised at this revelation than me!? I had been drawing that same size and shape of candle with big irregular drips ? for about 20 years!

My thoughts on ?Creative Thinking? :

“I believe Creative Thinking is an innate interest in solving problems and one decides what, when, where and how they learn and apply those skills throughout their life.”Anne Thull