Choosing the Right Cufflinks for a Wedding

wedding cufflinks

There is no single event or occasion meant to create more important and everlasting memories much like a wedding. That being said, its no wonder everyone in attendance wants to make sure that they are ?dressed to the nines?.? After all, nobody wants to be immortalized as the person in the frumpy dress or billowing suit!

Proper attire at wedding is all about striking a balance; you want to be comfortable and express your individuality, but you don?t want to stick out like a sore thumb and take attention away from the bride and groom.

While ladies have a wide range of dress styles, prints, patterns and accessories to choose from, men limited to basically two options: suits and tuxedos. Those looking to individualize their suits in a classy manner need look no further than cufflinks. Cufflinks can help men shed light on their passions and interests (like sports, classic cars, music, hobbies, etc.) in a perfectly understated way.

When looking to accessorize, ditch the goofy neckties and socks and consider some great, high-end cufflink options.

Cufflinks for the Groom

A wedding day is all about the bride, the groom, and their shared story.? Wedding day cufflinks for a groom should pay homage not just to his identity, but also his brides. The examples below demonstrate different ways in which a groom could achieve this:

The Pair who Dream of Sailing the World Together

In addition to honoring a couple?s love of sailing, a sailboat serves as a metaphor for marriage, as explained here on the?Women and Cruising?blog.

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Cufflinks for the Father of the Bride

The wedding day is particularly special for the Father of the Bride, as he will have the privilege of walking his little girl down the isle and toward the very important next chapter of her life. Below are a few examples that can help further cherish that moment:


For the Patient Co-Pilot

These elegant gearshift cufflinks are perfect for the father who will be spending the reception telling stories of the hours he spent teaching his daughter how to drive a stick shift.

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Cufflinks for the Father of the Groom

The Father of the groom often acts as source of advice and wisdom on the big day, helping to ease the nerves of the groom on the big day. Here are a few examples of cufflinks that can help him add a bit of flare for himself while making sure everything goes smoothly.

For the Golf Fanatic

He might be missing he weekly tee time, but rest assured there is nowhere Dad would rather be. That being said, he can still show off his love of the game with these beautiful cufflinks.

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spitfire plane cufflinks

For the History Buff

For the Dad who cant keep his nose out of history books, these classic WWII era aviation cufflinks can be enjoyed well beyond the ceremony

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Cufflinks for the Best Man

The best man is the groom?s closest and usually oldest friend, and his cufflinks should represent elements or milestones of a friendship forged over many years prior and many years to come. Here are a few cufflink options that can help highlight that friendship on the big day:

Cufflinks for the Groomsmen

Members of the groom?s wedding party often represents special relationships the groom formed in his life up to that point, from childhood fiends to close work colleagues. Although the groomsmen might not be close personal friends with each other, they have all come together to support the groom on his big day. A nice collection of cufflinks can express the identity of the collective group: