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New Product: Kincaid and Houston By Ajne

We have recently got in two new scents from Ajne Organics: Kincaid and Houston. Designed for the rugged man, each scent has some adventurous notes that is even sure to appeal to women. Enjoy the woody nature of Kincaid as you journey through notes of cedar and herbaceous French Oak-Moss and Sandalwood. Indulge your wild […]

For the Love of Motorcycles: New Vincent Motorcycle Cufflinks!

The 1951 Vincent Rapide by Vincent Motorcycles is a highly sought after collectible. The Rapide looks exactly like the black shadow except the engine is polished aluminum instead of black (the pistons are also a little lower compression). Based on demand from motorcycle enthusiasts, Anne commissioned custom motorcycle cufflinks from Toni P to celebrate this […]

Toni P Jewelry Available Online!

  Check out Artist Toni P’s woman’s jewelry, now available for sale online only! These stunning statement pieces feature nature’s treasures incorporated in elegant silver and gold filled settings. Toni P has traveled the world and gains inspiration for her designs in nature and cultures she has experienced around the globe.