Carmel Winemakers Celebration 2016

The Carmel Winemakers Celebration was an exhilarating event this year! Since last year, the event expanded from just being a single block to being almost two blocks to accommodate the throngs of wine connoisseurs and foodies. Many more local restaurants and winemakers and one brewer were able to attend the event this year. This gave everyone more options to sample the local eats and treats that the Central Coast has to offer. Along with the food and drink, there was a live band playing both original songs and covers. Despite the poor weather, everything at the event went smoothly and seemed to not have deterred anyone from still attending. We’d like to thank Blair Estate for featuring our wine racks at the Winemakers Celebration.

Blair Winery
Blair Estate
De Tierra
De Tierra Vineyards
Alvarado Street Brewery
Alvarado Street Brewery