Carmel Weddings: Best Venues, Gift Ideas, & More

Carmel-by-the-sea is a place that seems as if it would be better suited to the pages of a romance novel. The village contains the perfect balance of human artistry and natural beauty, while the surrounding areas give way to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

There?s no better location to make memories that will last a lifetime. Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Originally settled by artists and free spirits, the community still embraces its Bohemian roots. With a population of less than 4000, Carmel gives off a very intimate feel while hosting a barrage of businesses and storefronts that border on the elite.

This is more than just a perfect wedding venue, it?s also an area that will keep the bridal party and guests entertained for the duration of the event. Whether you?re dreaming of a beachfront wedding or a ceremony surrounded by class and elegance, Carmel has something for you.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Located near the famous Pebble Beach and Monterey Bay, Carmel offers some of the most sought after wedding venues in the country.? Every person has a different definition of the ?perfect? wedding and finding the venue that speaks to you is a moment that you?ll never forget. It?s an almost instant connection to your surroundings and an ability to visualize the ceremony before it?s even planned. If you?re still looking for that perfect spot, consider the following romantic Carmel destinations:

  • Carmel Beach: This pristine beachfront venue offers an expansive view of the coast line and the horizon beyond. Imagine having a wedding during a gorgeous California sunset with the ocean waves acting as your soundtrack. Securing Carmel Beach as a wedding venue is fairly inexpensive, but there are a number of special permits that need to be considered. It?s a good idea to look into this ahead of time prior to making your final decision.
  • La Playa Carmel: If you?re looking for the perfect balance of artistic flair and vintage style, La Playa Carmel offers a classical setting for your big day. With several different options for the location of your ceremony within one venue, this is one place that allows you to truly customize your ceremony. You and your guests will feel the history as you walk along century old hand laid bricks and enjoy gardens that have been cultivated for decades.
  • Church of the Wayfarer: Imagine a candlelit sanctuary adorned with the 18th century decor and beautiful stained-glass windows. The Church of the Wayfarer provides a classic venue with unforgettable details. If you?re looking for a memorable place to hold your wedding ceremony, it doesn?t get much better than this.

More than Just a Gift

Attending a Carmel-by-the-sea wedding calls for a gift that goes above and beyond your standard waffle maker. Fortunately, the Anne Thull Fine Art Designs showroom boasts a huge variety of stunning gift options made by skilled artisans and unique vendors that will fit the occasion. Consider some of these classically elegant suggestions

Edgar Berebi Stemware

Whether it?s used for the bride and groom?s first toast or as a gift to the wedding party, gorgeous stemware never goes out of style. Look for a product that?s been handmade and that has a variety of customizable options. Jeweled stemware complete with additional adornment adds a versatile aspect to a classic gift idea.

Jeweled Picture Frames

Help the happy couple commemorate their special day with Edgar Berebi jeweled picture frames. These use precious metals and the finest stones to showcase memories in a way that they deserve.

Trinket and Keepsake Boxes

The wedding day comes with a variety of different mementos that the bride and groom want to preserve. Purchasing them a jeweled keepsake box is a great way to allow them to keep their memories close while displaying them in a gorgeous setting. Whether it?s used for a wine cork or pair of precious cufflinks, these boxes are as beautiful on the outside as the memories are on the inside.

Making Memories that Last a Lifetime

The wedding venue is ultimately secondary to everything that comes after, but it doesn?t hurt to get off to the best start possible. Carmel-by-the-sea offers a location that?s more than just a beautiful place for a ceremony, it?s a place that represents the beginning of a new life and all of the wonderful things to come.