Carmel Turns 100!


Carmel Turns 100

Carmel-By-The-Sea will be turning 100 this October! Established in 1902 (Incorporated in 1916) as an artist colony, Carmel has become known for it’s quaint European buildings and many art galleries. Thus creating a mecca for artists and art lovers alike. Located in Carmel are a number of historical buildings that had been around since the incorporation of the city. Take a look at the Carmel Chamber website to stay up to date with any centennial related events. Also, we’ll be holding special promotions the entire month of October in celebration of Carmel turning 100.


History of Carmel

Carmel has a rich history that spans before the establishment of the artist colony in 1902. The Carmel Mission was one of the only buildings in what is now Carmel. It was relocated from Monterey, with the help of the Native Americans that lived in the area. Soon, people began to flock to Carmel, finding inspiration in the landscape for the arts. Carmel soon grew into what we see today, with a passion for the arts and a popular international destination.