Bride & Groom Wedding Toasts: From Stemware to the Speech

Carmel is an extremely popular wedding destination. From picturesque beaches, stunning private homes, and beautifully authentic churches, there are wedding and reception locations to fit almost any style. With all of the planning that goes into the perfect wedding, many couples face the most anxiety when it comes to bride and groom wedding toasts.

A common reaction goes something like, “Oh, no! You mean I have to give a speech? In front of everyone?

In a word, yes. The wedding toast is the high-point of your wedding reception. But many brides and grooms dread it far more than the ?I do? moment.

To help couples handle this traditional and much anticipated part of the reception, here is an overview of what to talk about and how to execute it with aplomb.

Why Me?

Whether you are the bride or the groom, making your toast gives you the chance to thank the special people in your life. All these folks have assembled just to see you off on your big adventure. Talk about a perfect time to show appreciation!

If you don?t give the toast, what will you feel like in the years ahead? Your memories of this glorious day might be colored with a slight shade of regret. Is it worth it? Toasts aren?t long (or at least they shouldn?t be). Your knocking knees won?t last more than a couple of minutes at most.

Handling Nerves

Speaking of those knees, there are ways to handle it. A few deep breaths before you get up will calm your nervous system.

Re-framing the event also helps. Though it?s your wedding, realize that this toast isn?t about you. It?s about these wonderful guests who are here because they love you. They?ve come a long way, spent money on their clothes, bought you gifts and now break bread with you. You have a chance to say a stylish thank you.

And you?ll never have a crowd rooting for you like you do at your wedding reception. Whatever you say, they will laugh, cry, sigh and just adore it.

What?s a Toast?

Thank you is at the center of your toast. Thank your parents, siblings, special relatives, members of the wedding and guests.

Tell the world, and your new spouse, about your love. Add a funny story that happened during preparations or about when you first met.

You can also update your guests about what is happening next at the reception. For example, let them know if they need to move to another room for the dancing, or to stay seated so food can be served.

Remember, keep it short. One or two minutes is best. Five minutes is the absolute max.

Bride and Groom Toasting Glasses

End by asking them to raise their glass and toast to what is special to you at that moment, whether it is the future, to beauty of love or the joy of family and friends. At that point, you and your beloved clink glasses. Your guests follow along, touching their glasses with those of others around them.

To carry off your graceful speech and to get the right clinking sound, you need elegant stemware of course. Wedding flutes for the bride and groom are an all-important part of the toasting ritual.

Choosing this essential component sometimes gets lost among all the details of the wedding. But it?s important to take the time to choose the perfect piece of crystal, perhaps with a jeweled stem. Or go for silver, pearl, bronze or gold. These glasses will become a stylish memento of the special day for decades to come.

Fine Stemware for Brides and Grooms

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