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Edgar Berebi

Edgar Berebi Collections

Edgar Berebi an American Atelier, crafting exquisite, limited edition pieces in 24K gold plate or burnished silver. Often used in Berebi designs are Swarovski Crystals and guilloche enamel. Each design is handmade by their select team of artisans. Due to each product being handmade, there will be subtle differences in color and design. This adds to the character of every piece and indicates fine workmanship.

Browse our selection of stunning Edgar Berebi stemware, jeweled picture frame, keepsake boxes, and desk accessories. These products are immensely popular and well worth the investment.

edgar berebi stemware

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Jeweled Trinket Boxes

Allessandro Butterfly Box



Cannes Stemware



Catalina Stemware



Champagne Globe


Jeweled Trinket Boxes

Chinoiserie Box