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Robin Trezona Products

Jewelry Guided by Natural Inspiration

Robin was first exposed to the art of wire wrapping in 2009. She has been perfecting her craft to this day. Living in the forest, inspires most of her designs. Though, everyday life and her mood plays a key role in the outcome of all of her designs. Robin is a self-taught jewelry maker that specializes in the Tree of Life Pendant. She has been exploring the fine art of wire weaving for the past few years. Robin will be more than happy to tailor a piece to a customer’s tastes.

Robin states how the Tree of Life inspires her works, “The Tree of Life symbol is an important one found in nearly every culture, symbolizing wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty, and redemption. It is believed that people were easily able to identify to trees because we, like trees, develop roots, strengthen our trunk and branch out to a wider vision of life as we grow (I like that). The belief and symbolism is vast and encompasses every culture around the World.