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Raw Beauty

Diana March is a California jeweler with a passion for hand-designed fine-art pieces made from rare gems and minerals. Growing up in a creative household, Her artistic spirit flourished because of her family?s love of the arts. It wasn?t until a family trip to Israel where they visited a diamond factory. This lit Diana?s passion for gemstones. Especially raw, distinctive pieces that capture moments in natural history. Drawing on select sources from 15 years as a jeweler, Diana acquires the most remarkable and exclusive material. Each stone is hand chosen and wire-sculpted in precious metal to better showcase the stone. Each piece is then framed in her signature bold, elegant, honest and meticulous style.

?I choose to work in wire design, an ages-old style of jewelry making. This ensures that each piece is unique and maintains the spirit of the gem.? Diana states. All stones and gems are humane and personally handpicked by Diana herself. This ensures that the best quality piece achieved. By utilizing these traditional techniques, each piece weaves its own tale.