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Guest Artists

Guest Artists and Their Works

We represent a selection of talented guest artists, both local and international. They are potters, metal workers, painters, mixed media and more. No matter the medium, they create their pieces with a great amount of thought and love. Their passion is what drives us to bring you stunning pieces.

“There was an unconscious collaboration between artists. Whether you agreed or disagreed was of no consequence… What does happen when artists meet is that we are able to see more clearly the unfolding of character as time goes on.” -William Baziotes

Mirrors & Wall Hangings

10″ Tree Wall Hanging


Trinket & Keepsake Boxes

14 Drawer Box


Trinket & Keepsake Boxes

15 Drawer Tree Box


Trinket & Keepsake Boxes

17 Drawer Tree Box


Fine Art

17 Mile Drive


Fine Art

Afternoon Tea

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